No woman will tell you this, but we need
at least 15 minutes to achieve orgasm.

Cambridge University Study:

Women are not enjoying sexual intercourse as much as men.

For many men this may be a big shock and disappointing to hear, but it is true. According to the extensive 2-year-long Cambridge University research, almost 78% of women have never experienced an orgasm during sex.

After sex, your partner will almost certainly tell you that the sex was great and she enjoyed it. Yet the truth is that she is lying to you, either because she likes you or because she doesn’t want to insult your manhood. Many things affect how women can actually physically enjoy sex and experience an orgasm, however it was found that these things are different than what people commonly believe.

Myths About Women's Orgasm

Many people believe that the most important thing is that the woman has to like the man. However, this is the largest mistake. According to an extensive study by Cambridge University, the appearance of a man does not really matter.

Men always worry about their penis size. However, no research has EVER found any connection between size of the man's penis and the woman's ability to achieve orgasm. Women can be fully aroused and can reach climax no matter the size of the penis her partner has.

The real answer to Women's Orgasm is TIME.

In average 15.8 minutes of sexual intercourse is what women need to reach perfect Orgasm.

My boyfriend has always been a really attentive lover. He’s very romantic and treats me as if I were the only woman in the world. But when we make love, he needs a maximum of one song on the radio to be done. On my birthday he said he had a special present for me and showed me a bottle of Pelay. We tried it out and it was the best birthday of my life!

Susan, 29 years old
Washington, US

One day I watched a porn movie with my girlfriend. I thought I was the luckiest guy in the world until she started comparing us to the porn stars. To be precise, the duration of our sex to theirs. I envied them. Pelay Gel has made me feel like a real porn star.

Michael, 27 years old

We are introducing a new and revolutionary product into the market called Pelay.

It’s a product that can turn every man into a wild sexually-crazed beast in just a few minutes! It’s not magic, but rather the result of 4 long years of research.

There are lots of products on the market claiming to help men last longer in bed or overcome premature ejaculation. If you've ever tried any of them, you probably know the sad truth - most of them do absolutely nothing, and the rest just numb your penis. What great sex when you don't feel anything... 

However, these products are still being sold like crazy (with the market worth $2 billion in the US alone each year), so in 2011 one Swiss Pharmaceutical Company began the development of a new product for premature ejaculation. After 4 years of research and testing it was released onto the market as a new product – Pelay. Immediately it became the number one sexual aid for men who want to last longer. In the first year alone more than 3 million bottles of Pelay Gel were sold, and the product gained fans from all over the world, thanks to the ease of use, no side effects and outstanding results.

Is there an absolutely safe and discreet method to raise a woman’s desire for sex?

Forget about the expensive clothes or luxury car. Money is not what will help you get a woman into bed. Certainly a well-developed body or beautiful face and sweet talk won’t guarantee anything either. The studies of Cambridge University demonstrated that if you are unable to please women in bed, there is no way she will ask you for more.

Fortunately for you, here is a 100% safe tool that will help you last long enough to make your lover orgasm too. Once she enjoys a full real orgasm, you will have trouble getting rid of her!

And it's easier than you might think. You don't have to take pills each day, wait weeks to see any results, or even go to your doctor and discuss these private matters with him. Pelay is an on-demand, fast-acting solution that does not need a doctor's prescription. And our packages are packed safety and discreetly - only you know what is inside.

Pelay is completely Safe-To-Use

Pelay contains several active and natural ingredients – and no Lidocaine whatsoever. All substances used to produce Pelay are supplied by certified producers, who specialize in the cultivation of herbs and plants grown for dietary and medical purposes.

Furthermore, each stage of the manufacturing process is under strict control and complies with all international standards. The manufacturer pays a great deal of attention to detail, which guarantees the best quality.

The complete list of ingredients and precise details of the formula are kept in secret. They’re guarded extremely carefully to protect you against counterfeit products, which are of a significantly lower quality. That is why you should only buy Pelay from the official resellers' websites!

We respect your privacy - it’s our highest priority

You buy Pelay in its original packaging, which comes securely wrapped. You don’t have to worry about your privacy – we’ll make sure that no one finds out what you’ve purchased. Your order will additionallybe wrapped in grey paper, sent to you in discreet packaging and delivered straight to you by a trustworthy postal service.

I run my own business and thus I travel a lot. When I’m back at home from a business trip and make love with my wife, I want to give her orgasms she’s never had before. With Pelay I can last for up to half an hour, and so reaching her orgasm is a piece of cake.

Niklas, 43 years old, New York, US

University is the best time of your life. Sex, parties, music. The thing is, when you sleep with a girl and last for like 3 minutes, she will tell others. And I mean, she will tell EVERY OTHER GIRL. Thank God for Pelay - I go to the bathroom, apply the Gel, wait a few minutes, and then I am good to go for like 20 minutes. And btw, girls share this information too. It makes me a sex machine. Girls love me and love IT!!

Frank, 23 years old, Washington, US

What’s the best thing that has happened to me? Pelay. I’m not kidding you. My penis is 4 inches long, which almost ruined my life because I thought this was the reason why I couldn't satisfy a woman. Then I discovered Pelay and the real truth. You can be a little guy if you can perform long enough. And yeah, I am getting married next Friday. Frankly speaking, Pelay just let me enjoy my life!

Peter, 27 years old, Australia

Pelay is a revolution in premature ejaculation industry. Our number of sales says it all. People love Pelay because it's something different and it works!

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