No woman will tell you this, but we need
at least 15 minutes to achieve orgasm.

5 Tips How Can a Man Last Longer in Bed On-demand

Premature ejaculation PE is probably the greatest sexual issue men under 40 have. People want a more satisfying and prolonged sexual life but for those suffering with premature ejaculation PE this proves very hard. Men who suffer from premature ejaculation can’t be blamed for it; it’s a naturally occurring dilemma. For these men having sex becomes very frustrating and sometimes the trauma can have a long lasting effect. It was to help these men lead a more satisfying and more erotic sexual life that we made Pelay. Pelay is an on-demand ejaculation controller that helps you last over 45 minutes. For some 45 minutes would seem like a fair bit of time but some like to keep at it for a bit loner . Here are 5 tips that will help you last much longer in bed along with Pelay.


Longer Foreplay and Paying Close Attention Do Wonders

The real fun in sex is foreplay and buildup. For those people who can’t last longer than 90 seconds it might not be possible without the help of an on demand ejaculation controller. Luckily with Pelay you don’t need to worry about that. Start by kissing then warming up to other parts. Take the time to play with her body than mindlessly ramming your penis in her vagina. Take all the time you need to build her body up and bring her close to her own orgasm. Pay close attention to her breathing you can discern when someone is about to blow their load depending on their breathing and voices alone. And listening to each other breathing can increase the sense of intimacy further adding to the eroticism and experience. When you realize she’s close to orgasming then you put in the final effort along with your penis and with Pelays effect you can easily manage that without blowing your own load.

Learn To Masturbate Longer or Further Reducing Sensitivity

An important factor to last in bed is to train yourself to last longer while masturbating. Get to know how the feeling feels and practice before you have sex. While having sex and on the verge of climaxing it is possible to hold out longer for a while with proper practice. With the effects of Pelay you will have enough time to practice and thoroughly learn all the ways you can stop yourself when you’re on the verge. Another good way to last longer would be to masturbate prior to having sex and dampening the penis’s sensitivity. Mixed with the effects of Pelay this should give you a fair boost in lasting in bed no matter how good the opposition maybe. It is possible to reduce penis sensitive further by applying more Pelay and you actually can because no matter how much Pelay is used it will not have a harmful effect.

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Squeeze the Rod and Remain Shallow

One of the most least known methods for preventing premature ejaculation PE out there is squeeze the rod method. This is by far the easiest method that can be used to stop yourself from ejaculating. When you’re about to masturbate prematurely simply squeeze the penis right below the head with your thumb and index finger this can easily stop you from ejaculating. It’s guaranteed not to hurt because of Pelays sensitivity dampening capabilities. This method can be harmful sometimes because you’re actually not stopping yourself from masturbating because the semen that was in the shaft of the penis will not go back where it came from it will come out through the bladder or pee. Regardless but this method will help you last longer. Another thing you can try is going in shallow method. Just like the name you simply don’t go too deep and keep pleasuring herself more on the vaginal entry. This is actually more pleasurable to her then deep blows because the more sensitive and erroneous parts of the vagina are on vaginal entry.

Round Two and Cowgirl

Has it ever happened before that you came too early while having sex and decided to end the night just like that? For those who did they should know that it is not necessary for sex to last only one round a night. Many people go at it countless times and those who used Pelay have reported their multiple stories of their nightly ventures when we conducted our survey. If you mess up the first time or get caught by the pleasure it’s not the end of the night. Many people may not know men are less sensitive the second whereas women are much more sensitive the second. Use this to you advantage, apply some more Pelay and prepare for round two. But this time take it slowly and start of by pleasure her and going at it when she’s close to climaxing. Another good way would be to have the girl ride on top of you. It’s common knowledge that in the cow girl position women are the one having more pleasure and the men feel less sensitivity. This is a great way to last longer without stopping or any other awkward pauses. When you feel she’s close to blowing her top switch places and start pleasuring yourself along with her.


Ignore It All Together

Has there ever been a time when some old grumpy is yelling hurtful stuff at you but you just choose to ignore and it stops mattering? Well do the same when having sex. The more you think about having sex and climaxing it’s more likely that the tension builds up and the mood makes you explode then and there on its own. Many who bought Pelay couldn’t even get inside the vagina because they were so worked up over having sex. Just stop thinking all about it all together keep at it but keep you mind occupied with something else. Even If with the added effects of Pelay you are about to climax start thinking about Pi it has been scientifically proven that thinking about the value of Pi us a great turnoff in sexual activities. And when you feel she’s close then give it you all and start pleasuring yourself.

Regardless of who you are with Pelay and experience you will be able to last for hours or as long as your libido desires.

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