No woman will tell you this, but we need
at least 15 minutes to achieve orgasm.

Dr. Heplitz speak about how to beat premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is an issue that affects nearly 30% of men. While some men are constantly trying to just ‘be better’ in bed, impress their sexual partner, and make the entire experience as enjoyable as possible for all parties involved, those that struggle with premature ejaculation are sometimes trying to even enjoy a few minutes of their sexual experience. This can also be difficult for their sexual partners, and can cause confidence issues, lack of desire, and even relationship problems if not taken care of. If you find yourself struggling with premature ejaculation, there is hope, as it is most definitely a beatable issue.

How to control your own sexual desires

Sometimes, the easiest way to treat premature ejaculation is through practice. Sure, that might seem easy enough, but often times inexperience or immaturity, or simply a lack of how to control your own sexual desires comes into play with premature ejaculation. For starters, masturbation can be a great practicing tool for sex if you do it the right way. There are various breathing techniques to practice, mostly to remain calm as you get worked up. If you try to masturbate with your partner’s pleasure in mind, without any pressure from your partner actually being there at the time, you’ll be more likely to be able to perform well when you are together.

These behavioral techniques are becoming increasingly popular, and also include things like ‘stop and start’ tactics, as well as a ‘squeeze’ method that involves your partner squeezing the tip of your penis when you find yourself close to ejaculating, and gently holding that squeeze until the feeling passes. Trying an exercise like this can take a lot of trust from your sexual partner, but if you have that bond and willingness, it is definitely a method to consider. If it continues to be a serious issue after trying these techniques, many people consider sex therapy, either alone or with their sexual partner.


Seeking medical attention for your premature ejaculation

Seeking medical attention for your premature ejaculation is certainly an option if you feel as though it is serious enough to be medically-related. For many men, premature ejaculation can be considered embarrassing and annoying, but if it truly is a day-to-day issue, consulting with your doctor may be a good route to go, even if it’s simply to rule out other health-related issues that may be causing it. Sometimes, even factors like diet and exercise can affect your stamina and energy enough to cause premature ejaculation.

Once any type of medical issue is ruled out, and you still want to beat premature ejaculation and enjoy sex again, there are other options to consider. Many men turn to market products with many different claims. These range from topical treatments like gels, lotions and creams, to pills that can either be prescribed or purchased over the counter. Most of these products claim to offer similar results – reduced sensitivity that will allow you to last longer in bed. The active ingredient in doing so is typically either Lidocaine or Prilocaine, both of which are often used as a local anesthetic. While these affect men differently, some can experience issues with these substances, as the skin of the penis is extra-sensitive.

Why to use the product every single day to achieve any results?

Other issues with these products can range from the annoying to the somewhat scary. Some require you to take or use the product every single day to achieve any results, while others require you to use them hours before you have sex. Even then, most of them don’t guarantee a long-lasting experience in general, just longer lasting than what you might be used to. Plus, some of them decrease sensitivity so much, due to the substances they use, that you may find sex unenjoyable simply because you can’t feel it. While these products have their place and some men find success with them, it’s always important to consider what you want and the side effects you might be willing to face. Do your research and find what might work best for your particular situation before simply trying a bunch of different things.

Of course, keeping anything you use as close to a natural state as possible is going to be the best idea. For that, and for no negative side effects, there is Pelay. Pelay is a hypoallergenic, dermatologically-tested solution for premature ejaculation that is made up of the Pelay Gel and Pelay Applier. When used together, they are truly a powerhouse when it comes to beating premature ejaculation.


Pelay solves the issue there as well and much better way

Pelay has many great attributes that blows its competition out of the water. For example, no Lidocaine is used, and in all of their rigorous testing, no one using Pelay experienced negative side effects of any kind. With Pelay, you don’t need to use it every single day for results. In fact, you don’t even need to apply it hours before having sex. Using the Pelay Gel and Pelay Applier just four minutes before sex is enough time to decrease sensitivity and help you last longer – up to 45 minutes!

What’s the point of lasting longer if you can’t enjoy it, right? Pelay solves the issue there as well, as the Pelay Gel works as a natural lubricant, allowing you to enjoy the feeling of sex while lasting longer through the entire experience. Your partner will undoubtedly love the easy-glide feeling, too, and of course, they’ll love how long you can last.

While there are many tips, tricks, and techniques when it comes to beating premature ejaculation, some are certainly better than others, and it’s up to you to decide what you’re most comfortable with, and what will work best for your particular situation. Don’t be afraid to dive into some experimenting with these techniques and products, and get your sex life back to where you want it to be.

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