No woman will tell you this, but we need
at least 15 minutes to achieve orgasm.

We receive hundreds of emails each day, some of them with positive stories from our former customers, but most of them contain some questions about the Pelay product. We've picked the most frequently asked ones and answered them below.

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Usage of Pelay

Q: How do I use Pelay?

A: Apply a small amount of the Pelay Gel onto your penis and use the Pelay Applier to massage it in. Then wait about 4 minutes before sexual intercourse and you'll be ready to go!

Q: Can I use Pelay Gel without the Applier?

A: Yes of course, the Applier just helps to absorb all the active ingredients faster through the penis skin. Without the use of the Pelay Applier you'll have to wait about 10 minutes before sexual intercourse.

Q: How many drops of the Pelay Gel should I use?

A: Most men use 4 to 5 drops. Test for yourself to see how many drops you need to fully cover your whole penis.

Q: What happens if I use too much Pelay?

A: This is virtually impossible because of the Pelay's formula. Even if you use too much Pelay Gel, nothing bad will happen. And you can easily wash the remaining Gel off with water.

Q: Do I need to have an erection before applying the Gel?

A: No, it absolutely doesnt matter whether you have erection when applying Pelay Gel.

After the use of Pelay

Q: How long will the effect last?

A: The penis sensitivity is reduced for up to 45 minutes. Most men are able to last 15 to 20 minutes longer compared to without the Pelay.

Q: Can I wash-off the remaining Gel?

A: Since the Pelay Gel is water-based, you can easily wash it off prior to sexual intercourse.

Q: Will be my enjoyment of sex be reduced?

A: Very slightly, however most men report the same level of pleasure of sex as when they were not using anything.

Q: Can Pelay Gel beused with a condom?

A: Yes, Pelay Gel can be used with or without a condom.

Q: Will the Gel transfer to my partner?

A: Not at all. However, if you want, you can use a condom or wash off all the remaining Gel.

Safety & Other

Q: When should I not use Pelay?

A: Since the Pelay Gel is Hypoallergenic, everybody can use it. Any age, any time. Maximum of 3 uses a day.

Q: Does Pelay contains Lidocaine?

A: NO. Pelay does not contain any amount of Lidocaine whatsoever.

Q: For how many usages will one Gel last?

A: If you use 4-5 drops each time, one Pelay Gel should last you for at least 40 to 50 usages.

Q: Can Pelay be used in conjunction with other medications?

A: For now, no side effects were found even if the Pelay was used with other medications.

Q: Will Pelay wash off in a hot-tub?

A: Yes, but if you waited long enough (4 minutes at least) all the active ingredients are already in your penis.

Q: Does Pelay protect against sexually-transmitted diseases?

A: No! Pelay does not have this functionality. Always practice safe sex with a condom or a partner you know and trust!

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