No woman will tell you this, but we need
at least 15 minutes to achieve orgasm.

Not every premature ejaculation products work well

Premature ejaculation can be somewhat of a touchy subject to begin with. For starters, not all men are so readily willing to admit they might be struggling with this problem, or they do so in private. However, it is a more common issue than you might think. In fact, a recent study found that almost 30% of men on average, aged 18-75 either currently struggle with premature ejaculation, or have struggled with it at some point in their lifetime. Premature ejaculation can be caused by a number of different issues. Some may naturally improve on their own, such as age or inexperience, while others can be rooted in deeper issues and require more help. These include things like anxiety or stress, time between sexual partners, having a new sexual partner, health issues, or even issues with

It’s better to talk about premature ejaculation?

Whether or not you want to talk about premature ejaculation, if is becoming an issue in your sex life, you probably want to fix it, and fast. Not only can it cause problems in relationships due to lack of confidence, or your partner feeling inadequate, but it can lead to less sex and intimacy overall.

Whatever the reason, there is hope. Of course, if you feel as though your struggles with premature ejaculation may be something serious and health-related, either physically or mentally, it’s important to check with your doctor and get a complete overall physical exam. Sometimes something as simple as a change in diet and exercise can improve not only your overall health, but your sexual experience as well.

In today’s world, thankfully, there are several solutions to help with premature ejaculation. The first being simple techniques that you can try without having to purchase anything, or get a diagnosis from a doctor. Exercises like deep breathing and tantric techniques have been known to sometimes help, especially when couples focus on them together. The next possible step would be to try a thicker condom during sex, or to make sure your partner is sexually pleased before you engage in your own desires. These are probably the most simple, and mostly free or low-cost tactics in beginning to deal with premature ejaculation, but they may just be temporary solutions, or they may not work for you at all. Everyone is different and struggles differently with this type of problem. If these strategies don’t work for you, you might consider something medical, or over-the-counter.


Premature ejaculation turns out to be a medical issue

Obviously, if your premature ejaculation turns out to be a medical issue, it’s important to get help and advice from your doctor. This is typically rare, and prescription drugs are not needed for most men struggling with premature ejaculation, but as stated above, it’s important to know for sure that the ‘problem’ isn’t part of a deeper issue going on with your body.

Once you’ve found out that your premature ejaculation isn’t medically-related, it can be both a relief, and a bit of confusion as to what to do next. Chances are, if you’ve done any research for solutions to this problem, you’ve come across a multitude of over-the-counter or orderable products online or in pharmacies, claiming to be the absolute solution and cure for premature ejaculation. Pills, creams, lotions, and balms are typically the featured products used to make these claims.

While some men may have had some success with a few of these products, there can be somewhat unnerving side-effects that go along with most of them. Some can be less severe, such as mild itching or uncomfortableness. However, some can be more serious, causing more damage than good, and can even have side effects on your sexual partner as well. A major problem is that most of these products contain Lidocaine, or a similar substance. Lidocaine is used as a local anesthetic, and because of the extra-sensitive skin of the penis, some men can have issues coming in contact with it.

Other issues that can go along with these products may be less ‘medical’, but they certainly don’t fulfill their purpose when it comes to achieving the best possible sexual experience for both you and your partner. For starters, you could be waiting a long time for their effects to even begin to kick in. Some of these products take up to four hours to kick in from the time you first use it, and some of them even require daily use to be effective, almost like a prescription.

What might be even worse?

Even with products that require daily use, or that require you to use them hours before you have sex, their effects can be short-lived. Everyone’s struggle with premature ejaculation is different, and whether you find yourself lasting less than ten minutes before ejaculating, or longer, you can decide what feels right and comfortable for you and your partner. Unfortunately, most of these products can only guarantee their effects decreasing penis sensitivity for 10 to 15 minutes at a time – a lot of work for what seems like little reward.

And still, the worst part of all is that during that time, a side effect of these products can come in the form of decreasing penis sensitivity too much, making it harder to achieve an erection in the first place.


But now, there is a better way

Pelay, including the Pelay Gel and Pelay Applicator, is a safe product designed to manage penis sensitivity for men, for lasting premature ejaculation control. Compared to its competitors, Pelay wins out every time! With no negative or lasting side effects, Pelay is completely hypoallergenic and dermatologically-tested. Through extensive studies, no side effects were found with any men using the product, or their partners. So, again, with the more ‘medical’ issues out of the way, we can talk about why you’re interested in the product in the first place; lasting sexual experiences and control over premature ejaculation.

Unlike its competitors, Pelay can be applied with the Pelay Gel and Pelay Applicator just four minutes before sex, for an almost instant decrease in penis sensitivity, that can last up to 45 minutes. Statistically, that’s a 760% increase in raise time! The best part, of course, is that you will still be able to enjoy sex while Pelay is working, due to the natural lubrication of the gel. It’s perfect for you, and your partner.

Take control of your sex life again. Try Pelay, and get back the confidence you deserve.

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