No woman will tell you this, but we need
at least 15 minutes to achieve orgasm.

Do not mistake Pelay for any other premature ejaculation product you have seen advertised before.

Pelay is a truly revolutionary delay solution breakthrough.

The key to Pelay's effectiveness is centered around its key proprietary engineering innovations: the extraction process which allows Pelay to get significantly more of the active component of the compounds in the formula, and the on-demand, locally-delivered application which effectively transfers the formula to the targeted zones - right to your penis.

The Usage is Pretty Simple

1. Apply small amount of the Gel on your Penis

Most men use 4 to 5 drops of Gel. With this dosage, one bottle of the Pelay Gel will last you for about 50 uses.

2. Use the Pelay Applier to massage the Gel in

Mostly on the head of your penis and then on the rest. Go down to the root and your testicles. The Gel is nicely lubricated, so 4-5 drops will do the job.

3. Then just wait a few minutes

We recommend waiting at least 4 minutes before any sexual intercourse. You can then wash off the remaining Gel, or keep it for a nice lubricating feeling.

The revolutionary Pelay Applier

You can also use the Gel without the original Pelay Applier. The process is basically the same: you will apply the Gel onto your penis, then use your finger to massage it in. However, you'll have to wait for at least 10 minutes until the Pelay's active components absorbs into your penis.

It took 2 years to develop the Pelay Applier. It's a unique device that generates vibrations and special light, both of which help active components from the Pelay Gel to be absorbed faster through the penis skin and into the penis cells.

Thanks to the Applier, you won't need to plan your sexual life. You justneed 4 minutes and you will be ready!


Important News for all Emla, PrematureX and Priligy Users.
Why Are So Many Men Switching to Pelay?

Pelay Emla Prematurex Priligy
On-demand solution designed specially for PE
Dermatologically tested and Hypoallergic
Fast Acting Results
(under 20 minutes)
Do not require doctor's prescription
Outstanging results proven by millions of customers

Why are so many men – including elite businessmen, top bachelors, olympic athletes, college students and regular guys just like you - dropping these products and switching to Pelay?

Is it because Pelay is the only product for PE on the market that is dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic?

Is it because Pelay needs just 4 minutes to take effect and you can use it anytime you want?

Is it because NO negative side-effects were found with the use of Pelay?

Is it because Pelay doesn’t not transfer to your partner?

Is it because Pelay just works?

Find out for yourself. Try Pelay and join the delighted men who have already made the switch and are raving about the incredible results of Pelay!

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