No woman will tell you this, but we need
at least 15 minutes to achieve orgasm.

Popular premature ejaculation gel save broken relationships

Since its very first description, Premature Ejaculation has had serious effects on the sex lives of billions of men and their partner. Most would thing that something like premature ejaculation (PE) won’t affect their life in any dramatic way but what they don’t realize that it is a major cause of break ups and divorces. Countless marriages and relationships have ended in ruin due the male have premature ejaculation PE. It is estimated that the majority of men have had come across the effects of premature ejaculation PE in their lives at least once. It has been confirmed many times that premature ejaculation PE can really put a damper on your sex life and ultimately starts affecting your relationship with your partner. In a survey conducted a stunning sums of 79 percent of women reported a low sex drive and sexual dissatisfaction when they were with a guy who suffered from PE.

What is premature ejaculation PE you ask?

Explaining it is not that easy but it is simply ejaculation that occurs with slight stimulation, which is climaxing in less than 90 seconds, is internationally accepted as premature ejaculation PE. On the basis of an enormous US epidemiologic survey, the occurrence of PE has been estimated to be as great as 30%. Another study, an international Internet-based survey of 8860 men, confirmed similar prevalence’s in the United States which was about 26%, Germany which was about (24%), and Italy which was about 26%. In Korea, where the occurrence in the population is similar, it is not always professed as problematic. In this international study PE negatively affected a large margin of males that couldn’t last long enough and ended up disappointing their partners. When men fail to satisfy their partners it’s a major blow to their confidence and self of esteem. To all the men out there who have been scarred by their premature ejaculation PE know this that you are not the only one that suffers due to it.


Anti-depressants are being freely prescribed, but…

Anti-depressants are being freely prescribed to counter premature ejaculation PE, however, this is a very unsafe method and the risks of using anti-depressants to cure premature ejaculation outweigh their benefits by a wide margin. Men who take erectile dysfunction drugs thinking it will help them increase their endurance are also in the wrong. While many men making privileges like Viagra is the answer, they are wrong its only purpose is to increase the flow of blood to the penis. This might help you get a rid of your anxiety and have a hard boner on the ready but does absolutely nothing whatsoever to cure premature ejaculation rather with the increased blood passing through your penis and increase in sensitivity it actually has the negative effects and causes people to ejaculate much quickly due to more pleasure.

Over the years many relationships and marriages have fallen apart due to premature ejaculation PE. In a survey conducted more than 40% women in regard to having sex with a partner with premature ejaculation PE, enjoy sexual activities much less and this causes cracks in their marriage. And a stunning 20% actually go as far as leaving a man as they can satisfy their sexual needs. In a relationship in which a man suffers from premature ejaculation he constantly keeps asking himself questions like “Is my partner satisfied when we have sex? Does my partner wish I would last longer? Am I performing as well as her previous partners? What if I don’t last long enough? How will I know if she really likes it?” Even marriages have fallen apart due to premature ejaculation, among some married couples there are some that can’t even last long enough to get inside the vagina and ejaculate outside due to the stimulations. This is a major problem for those women who want to get pregnant and severely decreases the man’s confidence in himself which leads him to try all sorts of unsafe and unreliable methods and products to satisfy her sexual needs.


PE is one of the most common male sexual worries

Although premature ejaculation PE is one of the most common male sexual worries, it still remains widely undiagnosed and untreated. The impact that premature ejaculation PE has had on men and their partners can be devastating for a relationship and as off now there are really no true cures for premature ejaculation PE. If you are one of those men in relationship who wants to last longer in bed, satisfy your partner, get a major confidence boost, never ever again be embarrassed by premature ejaculation and be the very best lover your partner has ever had and hopefully will might not have In the future then Pelay is what you’re looking for.

Pelay is a product that was made to save the relationships of all those men who suffer from premature ejaculation. After observing the rate at which marriages and relationships were falling apart due to a sexual disorder Pelay was made with the best of intentions in mind. By simply applying a few drops of Pelay (around 3 – 5 ) on your penis before having sex and you will last no 5 minutes , 10 , minute or 15 minute but a full stunning 45 minutes without any effort on your end. Pelay is exactly the product you need to better your sex life and deepen your relationship. With the help of Pelay forget about satisfying her or getting her pregnant by the time YOU are satisfied she will be out of breath and panting for breath on all fours.


Never have to worry about not performing to satisfy her!

With Pelay you never have to worry about not performing to satisfy her. With Pelay you are guaranteed to last longer than any man she has ever slept with. Is Pelay dangerous? Is my penis covered in Pelay bad for my partner? Does it have long lasting negative effects? The answers are simple. Pelay in absolutely not dangerous, it is made with only 100% natural ingredients refined with the state of the art technology. Since it is made from only natural ingredients its use in repetition is no issues at all if you and your partner want to enjoy your newly found capabilities. With Pelay no couple has to worry about an outfall due to premature ejaculation PE and can deepen their bonds without worrying about premature ejaculation PE ever again.

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